The Hateful Eight

*Warning, this review might have some spoilers!*

Quentin Tarantino is a legendary movie director, and now he’s back again, this time with The Hateful Eight. Seven films in, he is still 7-0. He is a master of dialogue, creating performances so great that other directors can only dream of creating, and he can create fascinating visual stories that only a few directors really come close to.

In snow-covered Wyoming in post-Civil War America, seven distinct men and one woman find themselves seeking shelter from a blizzard in an isolated haberdashery. John “The Hangman” Ruth (Kurt Russell) is transporting a dangerous prisoner with a $10,000 bounty on her head, Daisy Domergue (Jennifer Jason Leigh), to Red Rockk, along with bounty hunter Marquis Warren (Samuel L. Jackson) and soon to be local sheriff Chris Mannix (Walter Goggins). Seeing as the blizzard isn’t stopping anytime soon, they decide to stay at a haberdashery for a few nights. Joining the four in “Minnie’s Haberdashery” are caretaker Bob, hangman Oswaldo Mobray, cowboy Joe Gage and Confederate General Samford Smithers. No one is entirely who they seem. No one can really be trusted. But what’s for sure is that blood is going to be spilled. The acting in this film was pretty good and convincing and the cast had great chemistry.

To anyone who is not familiar with Quentin Tarantino films, you can expect his films to have interesting characters and dialogue, a very odd but interesting story/situation that characters end up in, and a huge load of graphic violence. The Hateful Eight excel at the first and second point, but did tone down the violence (just a bit) as compared to the blood-gushing Kill Bill movies.

This film was very interesting to me, I really enjoyed the amazing dialogue, but every movie has its ups and downs (unless we are talking about Pulp Fiction which is just pretty damn near perfection). One downside to this film was the length. This film is 168 minutes long (about 3 hours) because the setup of this movie was very long and unnecessarily so. Even the introduction of all the characters took about an hour. Even if the character dialogue was interesting and the characters are unique, it wasn’t enough to sustain interest for a whole hour as there was little to almost no plot progression at that point to justify it’s duration.

The premise explained in the trailer is the definitely best part of this film. The premise is that one man in Minnie’s Haberdashery isn’t who they say they are and wants to free Daisy Domergue, one who is willing to kill anyone to free her. This film is like the board game Cluedo but with blood and violence and great dialogue. There are a few interesting and unexpected twists and turns throughout the film that transforms itself into a whodunit western mystery. This was the 50-minute edge-of-your-seat moment where the characters eliminate and narrow down suspects until they got the last person to figure out the true story of events. This was by far the most entertaining part of the film with a very interesting premise and story development that is also in Tarantino’s other films such as Pulp Fiction and Django Unchained.

Here is my rating system. After reviewing every movie, I will rate the movie out of 5 and out of 100 to let you know what I think of the movie.

5(95-100): It’s an absolutely great movie that I would recommend to everyone, and definitely one worth watching.

4(80-94): It’s a good movie that I would still recommend, but it’s just not exactly at the very top.

3(70-79): It’s a movie that’s better than average, but still has its ups and downs.

2(51-69): This movie is definitely under average. This movie is hard to enjoy and the director of this movie probably wasn’t even trying to make a good movie.

1(50 and below): This movie is just complete utter bullshit, so much so that it makes me angry that I even watched it. The director of this movie was just drunk. This is the type of movie that will make you question your ability to pick a good movie. Instead of buying these types of movies, just donate your money to charity and you will be better off anyway.

My rating for The Hateful Eight is 5 and 95.

The storytelling, film making and acting is a master class from this film, not to mention its dialogue (which I have already mentioned many times). Definitely a must see for any Tarantino fans.

*I am new to movie reviewing, and I hope you enjoyed this review. I am open to all constructive criticism, so please leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!*


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