When a director as powerful as Christopher Nolan makes a space adventure drama, you know its going to be interesting. And you know it’s going to be confusing.

In Interstellar, Earth turns into a environmental catastrophe that can no longer sustain human existence. Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) is a former NASA test pilot turned into a corn farmer. Cooper now lives with his daughter, son, and father-in-law. They survive purely on corn, as the Earth gradually gets worse without showing any chance of stopping. Then, through a mysterious “ghost” that Cooper’s daughter Murph discovers, they find coordinates to a secretively hidden NASA base. After reaching the secret base, he is sent on a mission to go through a wormhole created by a group called “They” along with a few other astronauts. From there, the film goes through many twists and turns, making the film more and more interesting.

In my opinion, Interstellar is easily the most anticipated movie of 2014. I love space exploration films in general, so I had extremely high expectations for Interstellar, and I was not put down. Interstellar won many awards including an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects, so it was definitely a great film. Despite it’s greatness, this film was very confusing, especially in the end. I don’t want to spoil the film, but all I can say is that this film as many twists and turns, and it’s hard to understand if you only watch the film once. Now, putting that aside, Interstellar excels in many aspects. First of all, the film’s ambitions are clear and it’s themes are great. Nolan is famous for making films more meaningful than their outer appearance and Interstellar is no exception. The film involves many heavy yet interesting scientific concepts, including Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. The film also has many themes about human emotion and human nature.

As for the acting, Matthew McConaughey did a great job in this film. He seems to be able to create a lot of of intensity in his films, which only makes it better. Mackenzie Foy (Murph) also does a great job in the film, creating the emotional part of the film through the chemistry between Cooper and Murph. Anne Hathaway did a good job but this was definitely not one of her best performances. Jessica Chastain also had an amazing performance, and I definitely  recommend you to watch The Martian, my favorite movie of 2015, where she works with Matt Damon. Speaking of Matt Damon, he is a great actor and I, as well as many others, love his performances. But in Interstellar, he wasn’t given much of an opportunity to do well, because of his little role in this film. Despite being talked about throughout the film, his character, Dr. Mann, only appears after three quarters of the movie, and so therefore he couldn’t shine much.

Visually, this film is magnificent. Christopher Nolan is great with creating a strong atmosphere using visuals, and it is clearly shown here in Interstellar. Not to mention the special effects. Ranging from the film’s black holes, giant sized waves, and ice planets, everything looks stellar.

Interstellar is great, but it still has its cons. Many people complain that the film’s narration has some flaws, and I agree. Interstellar almost feels as if it’s three different movies altogether because the three “acts” of the film are so clear. The first act is about the relationship between Cooper and Murph, as well as talking about how Earth is dying. The second act is all about the science, and the cool space stuff. The third act is the emotional climax and the ending. It’s good that the film has a good structure to it, but that means it has no flow in plot development. Another huge issue in the film is the three hour runtime. The length wasn’t necessary, and I’m sure if they could pace the film better, it could cut out about 20 minutes of film. making the film even better then it already is. Now, the sound mixing. The film was VERY loud at some parts of the film, like when the spaceships are blasting off. But nonetheless, this film was great, and I loved it.

Here is my rating system. After reviewing every movie, I will rate the movie out of 5 and out of 100 to let you know what I think of the movie.

5(95-100): It’s an absolutely great movie that I would recommend to everyone, and definitely one worth watching.

4(80-94): It’s a good movie that I would still recommend, but it’s just not exactly at the very top.

3(70-79): It’s a movie that’s better than average, but still has its ups and downs.

2(51-69): This movie is definitely under average. This movie is hard to enjoy and the director of this movie probably wasn’t even trying to make a good movie.

1(50 and below): This movie is just complete utter bullshit, so much so that it makes me angry that I even watched it. The director of this movie was just drunk. This is the type of movie that will make you question your ability to pick a good movie. Instead of buying these types of movies, just donate your money to charity and you will be better off anyway.

My rating for Interstellar is 5 and 95.

Interstellar is a thought-provoking and intense film that’s one of Christopher Nolan’s masterpieces. I absolutely love Interstellar for its ambition, themes, and performances, despite it’s narrative issues, a three-hour runtime and some bad sound mixing. I highly recommend watching Interstellar, especially if you love science and space like me.

*I am new to movie reviewing, and I hope you enjoyed this review. I am open to all constructive criticism, so please leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!*


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