Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad was a highly anticipated film for me, and the trailer was amazing. But does the film really deliver? Let’s find out.

In Suicide Squad, a team of expendable, savage supervillians are tasked to protect the country that imprisoned them all, with the help of government weapons. The “heroes”, Deadshot (Will Smith), Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), Killer Croc, Captain Boomerang, and many other criminals, are ordered to destroy a powerful witch with magical teleportation powers who can also manipulate people’s minds. At the same time, the Joker (Jared Leto) has some evil plans of his own…

First off, I want to talk about the character choice. The choice of heroes in the film is unique and interesting, from sharpshooters to crocodiles to fire wielding gangsters. What’s even better is the cast playing them. This film offers a very powerful cast featuring Will Smith, Margot Robbie, and Jared Leto. Will Smith, as always, plays his character with a great amount of human emotion, blended into some humor. He played his character convincing, and overall was a good actor choice. Next on the list, Margot Robbie. In my opinion, she was the actor that really shined in the film, along with Jared Leto as the Joker. She gave a great performance playing the role of Harley Quinn, the sexy bad-ass villain that she is perfectly, and she really knew how to act like a sweet seeming girl with evil intentions. Speaking of the Joker, Jared Leto was a great choice. He plays as the Joker perfectly, looking evil with his green hair, manic smile and homicidal habits. The only question I have for him is why he didn’t have much screen time, despite all the anticipation he had going for him from the trailer. I had very high hopes for him and wanted him to be a big part of the film, and I even thought he would of been the main antagonist that the heroes would have to fight against, but that wasn’t the case. As for the rest of the characters, they were decent. I felt like Jai Courtney had many good opportunities to be great, but he didn’t make use of them.


Now let’s go into the negative things in the film, which it sadly has many. For one, the editing in the film was very strange that really made the movie confusing at times. The chronology of the film was out of order, some missing parts of the film is only showed later on the in film where it shouldn’t be, and there are just many bad editing moments. Also, the plot development/storytelling was terrible. Some stories, like Grigg’s have no meaning. He is showed in the beginning of the film, and then he just disappears. Not to mention the fact that the Joker had very little screen time and didn’t have much of a meaning in the film, other than when he is shown breaking Harley Quinn out of prison at the end of the film, maybe hinting at a sequel. Another thing the film need was a BIGGER AND BETTER ENDING. I really hoped that the Joker had contributed to the end conflict of the film, but unfortunately he didn’t. Either the Joker or Amanda Waller (after she gunned down her whole team) could have made the ending way better, as compared to just fighting a witch and her brother who only die because of explosives. The last thing I want to mention is that there were too many backstories. I just felt like a lot of the film could have been edited better, and many parts didn’t need to be shown, which could of just been completely removed from the film altogether, making it’s plot clearer.

Here is my rating system. After reviewing every movie, I will rate the movie out of 5 and out of 100 to let you know what I think of the movie.

5(95-100): It’s an absolutely great movie that I would recommend to everyone, and definitely one worth watching.

4(80-94): It’s a good movie that I would still recommend, but it’s just not exactly at the very top.

3(70-79): It’s a movie that’s better than average, but still has its ups and downs.

2(51-69): This movie is definitely under average. This movie is hard to enjoy and the director of this movie probably wasn’t even trying to make a good movie.

1(50 and below): This movie is just complete utter bullshit, so much so that it makes me angry that I even watched it. The director of this movie was just drunk. This is the type of movie that will make you question your ability to pick a good movie. Instead of buying these types of movies, just donate your money to charity and you will be better off anyway.

My rating for Suicide Squad is 3 and 70.

Suicide Squad was fun, funny, action packed, and had great performances. But, it was also packed with bad editing, and even worse plot development. All in all enjoyable if you are a superhero fan who doesn’t care about technical part of the movie.

*I hope you enjoyed reading this review as much as I did writing it. Thanks for reading!*