In Speed, Keanu Reeves stars as Jack Traven, a Los Angeles bomb squad member. With his veteran friend (Jeff Daniel), they ruin the plans of Howard Payne, a retired bomb specialist with many tricks up his sleeve (Dennis Hopper) when he tried to bomb an elevator full of people. Then, he strikes again, this time with an even more complicated and seemingly fool-proof plan: he wires a city bus with explosives that will be activated if the bus goes more than 50 mph, and explode if the bus moves below 50 mph. If he doesn’t get his money, he will manually explode the bus. With time running out, Jack has to go save the day.

Throughout the dilemma of keeping the bus stable, Payne is also one step ahead of Traven, which is what makes the film so interesting. The film had good cinematography, dazzling under the bus stunts, and just enough explosives. The acting by Keanu Reeves was great as usual, but what really stood out to me was Sandra Bullock’s performance. She knows how to played a side character who doesn’t really do much to being an extremely tense bus driver, taking center stage. Dennis Hopper also did a good job playing as a madman with evil intentions.

Though the film is amazing, not everything holds up well. Some ridiculously impossible parts, like when the bus jumped over the broken highway is just not possible. But that’s the point of the film. You can watch the amazing stunts in the film and just enjoy them, without thinking about whether it’s even possible. That is the beauty of this film.

Here is my rating system. After reviewing every movie, I will rate the movie out of 5 and out of 100 to let you know what I think of the movie.

5(95-100): It’s an absolutely great movie that I would recommend to everyone, and definitely one worth watching.

4(80-94): It’s a good movie that I would still recommend, but it’s just not exactly at the very top.

3(70-79): It’s a movie that’s better than average, but still has its ups and downs.

2(51-69): This movie is definitely under average. This movie is hard to enjoy and the director of this movie probably wasn’t even trying to make a good movie.

1(50 and below): This movie is just complete utter bullshit, so much so that it makes me angry that I even watched it. The director of this movie was just drunk. This is the type of movie that will make you question your ability to pick a good movie. Instead of buying these types of movies, just donate your money to charity and you will be better off anyway.

My rating for Speed is 4 and 82.

Speed is a very lively film, starring a cast of fantastic actors, packed with action, and definitely one of Keanu’s bests.

*I hope you enjoyed reading this review as much as I did writing it. Thanks for reading!*


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