Deja Vu

In Deja Vu, ATF agent Doug Carlin (Denzel Washington), along with a group of specialists, use a special technology to “fold time” and go back in time for four days to investigate a ferry bombing that like hundreds. Then, while trying to find the terrorist, Carlin and his team discover many hidden secrets.

Deja Vu is a film very much like Minority Report in the sense that they both have time travelling “machines”. But unlike Spielberg’s Minority Report, Deja Vu focuses on one murderer. The film revolves around tracking a dead woman (yes, tracking a dead woman) by the name of Claire Kuchever (Paula Patton), after Doug realizes that she was found dead near the explosion before the explosion even occurred.

The film is packed with many little things that make you focus on the film, and at times, the film gets confusing. But, overall the plot is clear and the film is good. As for the acting, Denzel Washington did a very good job. His chemistry with Paula Patton (Claire Kuchever) within the film fits in perfectly. Speaking of Paula Patton, she also gave a worthy performance playing as an innocent and unwary character, and she co-stars with Washington again, in 2 Guns.


Now, I want to talk about the time-travelling technology used in the film. Named, “Snow White”, the special machine lets users see four days into the past to find the terrorist. But the program has many weird rules. For example, the machine can only go back in time for four days, not three, nor five. It also has no rewind function. The science behind “Snow White” makes almost no sense. Here’s an example of one big plot hole I found to explain what I mean. In the film, we see Carlin point a laser at the monitor of “Snow White”, AND Claire is seen reacting to it. That means it’s possible to communicate with others in the past, like for example using the laser to maybe spell a message. But instead, they send something physical into the past, which isn’t needed. Now, here’s another plot hole, this time it’s about the film as a whole rather than the technology that was used. The terrorist created the explosion to hide the intentional murder of Claire, because a bullet shot would give him away. But then we see the bomber shooting and disposing Carlin’s partner at the same place he was going to burn and kill Claire. So, what’s the point of hiding Claire’s intentional murder? If I was the terrorist, I would of just drowned them both and dump them into a lake (not that I would really do such a thing).

Here is my rating system. After reviewing every movie, I will rate the movie out of 5 and out of 100 to let you know what I think of the movie.

5(95-100): It’s an absolutely great movie that I would recommend to everyone, and definitely one worth watching.

4(80-94): It’s a good movie that I would still recommend, but it’s just not exactly at the very top.

3(70-79): It’s a movie that’s better than average, but still has its ups and downs.

2(51-69): This movie is definitely under average. This movie is hard to enjoy and the director of this movie probably wasn’t even trying to make a good movie.

1(50 and below): This movie is just complete utter bullshit, so much so that it makes me angry that I even watched it. The director of this movie was just drunk. This is the type of movie that will make you question your ability to pick a good movie. Instead of buying these types of movies, just donate your money to charity and you will be better off anyway.

My rating for Deja Vu is 3 and 68.

Deja Vu is a very entertaining film, with a solid cast and good acting, but despite that, it had a very confusing plot filled with plot holes and things that just made no sense, which brought its film value down.

*I hope you enjoyed reading this review as much as I did writing it. Thanks for reading!*


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