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Finding Dory Review

Short term memory lose can be an awfully difficult subject to overcome. People might lose their patience, finding friends can be difficult and you may feel all alone inside, even when you lost your family since your childhood. That’s the story of Dory, who first came to light as an assistant to Marlin in Finding Nemo. The subject did appear in places as a subplot in which the connection between Marlin and Dory became testing at times.
The focus on her short term memory loss runs a theme throughout this sequel as she discovers flashbacks in her memory about her family and memories. This memories come from pebbles leading to her home till the unfortunate day when she was sucked away from her family and had to ask constantly for help to find her family back.
With the help of Nemo and Marlin, Dory headed over to the Marine Life Institute as a lifeline to reunite with her family. You get to see some new faces as well as some old favourites from their previous film. The way Hank, the octopus uses his disguise as a matter of self camouflage was a sight to behold.
In terms of action, there was plenty of creativity involved. The use of the fishes being scared by children putting their hands in felt tense, a bit like footprints stomping down. The dramatic final scenes with Dory and Hank driving a lorry to save their friends had the insane bar raised a notched but delivered a moment of slow-mo genius. You will also get plenty of laughter along the way, especially with the talking clam if you know what I mean, had me in stitches.
I can’t help to feel though, the storyline felt more dramatic than being an action or a family film. When Dory was alone until the moment where she reunites her family was kind of a ground breaking moment, you get the sense from desperation to elation and joy. It was one of them films with the stunning scenery and those moments of goosebump feelings that make a film that extra bit special, similar to the end of Toy Story 3 as Andy departs his toys over to a new owner.

Overall, Finding Dory sends out a very powerful message that says it anyone, no matter what condition you have, never give up and you will succeed. With the added action and humour, Finding Dory is more than a worthy sequel to life under the sea. It’s a film for the whole family to enjoy and it does make big men like me cry.

Verdict 7.5/10