Tom Cruise

Welcome to The Actor’s Best. In round 1, we have Tom Cruise. Here is, in my opinion, Tom Cruise’s top 5 movies.

5: Jerry Maguire


In Jerry Maguire, Jerry Maguire (Cruise) is a sports agent who says what he believes in, only to find out that he suddenly loses his job and his love life. Left with only a small time footballer and another woman who loves him, Jerry tries to climb his way back to love and money. Jerry Maguire is smartly written and boasts a sensational cast, packed with a few good quotes like “SHOW ME THE MONEY!” and “You had me at hello”. This is a great movie that portrays a man with many problems in life, and how he overcomes them.

4: Collateral


Max (Jamie Foxx) is a regular cab driver with big dreams living a normal life, until of he realizes his current fare, Vincent (Cruise) is a professional contract killer, is making him drive from stop to stop to collaterally kill 5 people who are involved in a court case. Once Max finds out what Vincent is doing, he does everything in his power to stop him from killing the 5th person. This movie is great because of the great chemistry between Cruise and Foxx, and it’s a very powerful but violent thriller.

3: Jack Reacher


One day in an ordinary town, 5 seemingly random people are killed in an seemingly random attack. After the attack, all evidence points an ex military sniper who is brought into custody, and the suspect says one thing: Get Jack Reacher (Cruise). But as time passes, things get more complicated, which dozens of twists and turns. I really enjoyed this movie because Cruise plays the role of Jack Reacher perfectly, a person who can only be found if he wants to be found. I have a review of this film here.

2: A Few Good Men


This powerful legal drama stars a trio of stars, featuring Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, and Demi Moore. In this film, Lt. Kaffee (Cruise) is sent to defend two U.S. marines, along with Lt. Galloway (Moore).  The film is solid, featuring famous quotes and a lot of thinking involved. This film is definitely recommended to any Tom Cruise or Jack Nicholson fan, as they both deliver an amazing performance. I have a review of this film here.

1: Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol


In this critically acclaimed Brad Bird success, Hunt (Cruise) and the IMF (Impossible Mission Force) is blamed for a terrorist attack on the Kremlin, and the entire IMF agency are disavowed by the U.S. government. Hunt and his team, who are forced to go off the grid, are left without any resources or backup. Now, Hunt must somehow clear IMF’s name while prevent another attack. This movie, in my opinion, is Cruise’s best movie, and definitely a must-see. Boasting an exotic trip around the world, an engaging script, funny dialogue and some spectacular stunts thanks to Cruise, this movie is an awesome adventure on a grand scale. I have a review of this movie here.

*I hope you enjoyed The Actor’s Best! Do u agree or disagree with my top 5? Comment your top 5 below! Any constructive criticism is appreciated. Thanks for reading!*


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